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Career Change Stories Shared by Real People

Librarian to Sr Data Analyist
6-12 months
11-15 years
<10 interviews
Self Taught

I spent 15 years toiling away in a research library before I learned that I could make more than double the pay doing similar work in data in the tech industry AND the benefits are amazing. I did a little upskilling. Learned SQL and Python on my own. I talked to a few friends in tech and they helped me get interviews at my current company. I know it can take longer for other people, but it was a natural progression for me once I made up my mind to do it. :) (This is a test)

Carpenter to DevOps Engineer
1-2 years to transition
16+ years experience
51-100 interviews
Higher Education/CS Courses

I worked as a contractor for most of my life, helping people frame up houses and build their kitchen cabinets. But then one day a friend of mine started talking about his startup and I was trying to figure out what kind of motor that was. He said it wasn't a motor at all but a company. I started to get really interested in every tech related and even went to school for an associates in CS (I never went to college). I like things old school, so I learned C, C++, C# and PHP. Now I work in DevOps and never touch wood. (This is a test)

Backup Dancer to Jr Engineer
Human Services/NonProfits
<6 months to transition
5-10 years experience
10-50 interviews

I was a backup dancer for a pretty famous performing artist, but I cannot reveal them here. Anyways, as part of my dancing career, I got a little famous putting videos on TikTok and IG. I started to get more interested in the video editing and tech side of the influencing than the actual influencing, and to be honest, I was getting pretty tired of dancing (it puts a lot of strain on your body after a while). So I did a bootcamp and they helped me get interviews and a new job in tech. I make more than I was making as an influencer, but I don't get as many likes. :/ (This is a test.)

Tax Law Analyst Trainer to FinTech Software Engineer
6-12 months to transition
11-15 years experience
10-50 interviews

I was in tax law and finance for 15 years and got tired of needing a literal act of congress to get things done. I joined the 100Devs bootcamp and started to learn JavaScript and the MERN stack. I had some awesome networking experiences which really helped me get in touch with the company I work at now - Networking is my JAM. Now at work I can make changes when things go wrong and it doesn't take a government body to get things done.

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